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DePuy Hip Class Action Lawsuits

The fact that DePuy released a device that it knew to be faulty is a serious issue. These metal-on-metal hip devices were implanted in more than 93,000 people and many suffered serious injuries as a result, including fractures, metallosis, and revision surgery. If you have been injured because of a DePuy hip device, you may want to file a lawsuit. Doing so will help you receive compensation for being implanted with a faulty hip system.

Filing A DePuy Lawsuit

If you decide to pursue a lawsuit, contact a lawyer who is qualified to handle medical device litigation. This attorney can help you determine your state's statute of limitations and whether your injuries occurred within that time frame. If they do, you will have to identify your type of hip device and gather personal medical information related to your injuries before moving forward. This may involve filing a lawsuit.

Difference Between MDL And A Class-Action Suit

Given the sheer amount of lawsuits being filed for DePuy's hip devices, many of them have been combined into a multidistrict litigation (MDL). For these types of claims, even though they are combined, each claimant gets individual attention in court. These individuals use the same background and administrative work as well as the same defendants and witnesses, allowing each case to be addressed quickly.

The DePuy MDL is MDL 2197, which is taking place in the Northern District of Ohio. However, participants don't have to live in or travel to Ohio, nor do they have to have an Ohio lawyer. Proceedings are merely being held there, as is the steering committee, which handles the commonalities of all participants.

They might sound similar, but an MDL is not the same as a class-action lawsuit. In a class-action lawsuit, many people come together to sue an organization for the same reason. These individuals have no say in the details of their case and any settlement is split. With an MDL, you retain control over your case, including whether to settle or push for a trial. Class-action lawsuits are not available for people pursuing DePuy device-related lawsuits, since the scope of related injuries and expenses are so broad.

Advantages To Joining A DePuy Lawsuit

A primary advantage in joining an MDL is that you get to take advantage of discovery and other background work that has already been completed. This takes a significant amount of work away from you and your lawyer. It also greatly reduces the amount of time you must wait for your case to go to trial since the lawsuits are joined together. In addition, MDLs provide consistency. You won't have to worry about what you might expect to win from an individual lawsuit based on the decisions made among different judges.

If you are interested in learning more about filing a DePuy lawsuit, please reach out to us. We can help you determine the route that is best for you.